The Amsterdam Brass Quintet was founded in januari 2004. The players of the quintet are all young brass musicians that not only work hard on their instruments, but are always thinking of new ways to get in touch with their public. This is why the music that the quintet brings is very divers of character and style. You can hear them play Canzona's from Gabriëli and Fuga's van Bach, but songs of the Beatles and Danzas from Curaçao as well. Brass quintet is a formation that hasn't always been popular (especially in Europe), so the quintet is in constant search for original music. Some members have taken up this task so diligently that they compose their own piecesm, for instance "Parabolen" from Misha Sprock.

In it's existence the quintet has played on various occasion and places. It did did a series of performances on a Soviet submarine build in 1954 (which was a pretty good year for Soviet subs!), a tour to the island of Curaçao organized by the CIFA Foundation, recorded a cd in 2006, played with the National Youth Fanfare Orchestra as a repiano ensemble with the piece Concerto Medieval, by Bernard van Beurden (recorded on cd), played at the official party of the (back than) ministry plentipotentiary of the Dutch Antilles, sir P.R.J. Comenencia, won the public favorite prize at the competition OnWings! 2009, in 2011 the piece “Out of Europe” was written for the quintet and the wonderful soprano Marieke Steenhoek by composer Van Beurden, did a successful tour to Florida in January 2013 (news item on local tv), a memorable concert during the "Zuider Havendijkconcert 2013" in the beautiful city of Enkhuizen amongst many other concerts and performances.

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